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Effective Leaders International is not all things to all people. We don’t just happen to have a product that fits your needs. We do have expertise in the following specific areas.  We assist leaders and leadership teams who want answers to

these questions, "How do we...":


Develop leadership at all levels of our company?

Most organizations are starved for leadership talent. Leaders — those who generate positive change through others — exist at many levels, not just in executive ranks. Our suite of leadership tools and methods can activate this group of people who are critical to long-term success.

Capitalize on change?

Downsizing, mergers/acquisitions, and reorganizations can wreak havoc on productivity. During these times, leadership is at a premium. We can develop your ability to change so that transition times are well-planned, positively implemented, and successful.

Implement 'healthy' cost-saving programs?

An environment of escalating demands and diminishing resources can be maddening. Companies today must learn to do more with less — without creating damaging consequences. Using "Work Out" programs popularized by General Electric that involve important stakeholders, you can trim expenses without compromising the future.

Provide the right knowledge and expertise to the right people at the right time?

"If we only knew what we know!" is the lament heard within many companies. In tight markets, time spent reinventing the wheel is time wasted - never to be recovered. Not learning from past mistakes can be fatal. Our expertise management approach makes best-practice the norm so employees can bring to bear the skills and knowledge of the entire organization.

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