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Effective Leaders International is not all things to all people. We don’t just happen to have a product that fits your needs. We do have expertise in the following specific areas.  We assist leaders and leadership teams who want answers to these questions:

Where are our women leaders?

Women are born at equal rates to men, score equally on aptitude tests, and yet are grossly underrepresented in leadership positions. Our workshop explores the five natural advantages of female leaders.  The application of these insights and tools will accelerate the leadership potential of women in your organization and add to the value of their contributions.

How do you infuse strategic plans with genuine commitment at all levels of an organization?

Even when they’re well-conceived, most strategic plans fail because they lack true buy-in from key stakeholders. Nothing of importance happens without this genuine commitment. We are experts at inspiring collective ambition among the individuals who will realize your long-term plans.

How do you launch and guide critical projects?

Most projects start with a bang but end with whimper — long before they deliver results. The project team is the core work group in modern corporations, yet project management training rarely extends beyond learning to use scheduling software. Our approach equips critical project teams with the skills to successfully launch and deliver results — even in the face of adversity and chaos.

How do you make important decisions faster and better?

Most executive teams are comprised of intelligent individuals who don’t think well together and therefore don’t meet increasingly complex market demands. ELI helps you capture and exploit the best thinking and bring the team’s insight to bear on important issues.

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