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Jimmy Carter

Senior Client Partner - Americas l 303-956-2070 

Jimmy Carter is an internationally known consultant and speaker on organizational learning, growth, and performance. As a Principal at Innovation Associates, a management-consulting firm co-founded by Dr. Peter Senge, he gained extensive experience in helping leaders generate common understanding and collective commitment around critical business issues.

With more than fifteen years in the business, he has worked with clients as diverse as Kaiser Permanente, AT&T, Merrill Lynch, BHP Billiton, Flextronics, and Upjohn/Pharmacia, helping them achieve success by improving key business processes, developing new products, reducing costs, and enhancing value chain performance. Specific examples of his work include:


  • Guiding a precision plastics molding company to maintain rapid growth rates while building for the future. Mr. Carter worked closely with the executive team, the board of directors, and project managers to build sustainable yet flexible critical business processes. As a result, the company remained profitable during their hyper-growth phase and was recently acquired, at a premium, by a Fortune 100 company.


  • Directing a manufacturer of computer projection systems to out-pace better-capitalized competitors by integrating their new product development - involving not just design and engineering, but all parts of the organization. As a result, the company brings profitable products to the market on time and competes successfully today.


  • Assisting a new leadership team to redefine the direction and business model of a $500m/year services business. Through a series of retreats, on-site workshops, and "real time" consulting sessions, Mr. Carter helped the new team clarify roles, streamline project management, and improve communication and training systems.


As a result, employees rapidly committed to the new team and direction releasing the new line of services in weeks rather than months. Before becoming a consultant, he had a real job! - he created and operated successful businesses including an import/export company specializing in trade with the Far East and managed a multi-million dollar precious metal refining and trading company. Before joining ELI, he served as Senior Vice President of Organizational Development at Symbius Logistics.


Mr. Carter is also an adjunct faculty member of The LEADERship, a program of the Greater Baltimore Committee.  He holds Engineering and Business degrees from Lehigh University, and is the author of several works on how learning enhances business results.


As the son of General Electric executive, Jimmy grew up in several states across the country. He studied engineering and business at Lehigh University but got his real education as a metals broker in New York City and in his spare time as a counsellor for at-risk youth.  He writes, “Working with gang members greatly enhances your appreciation of the term 'street smarts,' and in the final analysis, it is those smarts that distinguish top performers." His worldwide travel provides him with a global perspective and insights into how language and culture affects thought. He enjoys the peace of mountains and rivers.  

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