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Ten Principles of Adding Value to Our Clients


1. Our primary focus is the success of leaders.

Our mission is to help leaders succeed - for our clients this means more money, more time for activities of choice, and more career opportunities. All these benefits stem from increasing the leader's effectiveness to "drive the numbers" - through people and systems.


2. Leadership development is free.

Because we help leaders deliver results, our services pay for themselves - yields typically run between 200 to 700% for the first year. Three to five year running average returns often exceed 200%. We seek both short and long-term net gains.


3. We know business and consulting.

Our consultants have successfully held senior management positions with profit and loss responsibilities and have personal experience in applying our methods to create shareholder value.


4. We stay to make the right things happen.

Using our experience and methods, we support the implementation of our work, thus helping our clients derive real value. We do not "write a report and run" nor switch our senior consultants for "fresh young MBAs".


5. We build capability in our clients.

In addition to generating value, our aim is always to transfer the capacity to our clients to produce future results. We never become your newest employees.


6. All our methods are bona fide.

Our models of practice are derived from world-renowned centers of excellence, are internationally recognized for their effectiveness in diverse industries, and have endured the test of time beyond the scope of management fads.


7. We stick to our core competencies.

We are not all things to all people. We don't just happen to have a solution for your problem. We stay true to our work while remaining flexible to our client's needs.


8. We tell the truth.

We deliver good news and bad - the whole truth while valuing multiple perspectives. We handle tough conversations with skill and dignity but never shy from the "right fight".


9. We don't train!

We know leadership development is not about filling seats in a classroom, "smiley face" ratings, or even on-line classes. Hence, while we do provide conferences, courses, and speeches, we always keep such events focused on learning in pursuit of application and results.


10. Leadership development takes place in real time on real work.

Leadership skills improve when learning is driven by pressing business problems supported by concise skill building in "real time" or in workshops, and followed by experienced coaching.

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