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Better Leaders. Better Followers.  Better Results!

We create leaders who deliver results. 


Leaders who foster & fully utilize the intelligence of a team.   Those who can can inspire and focus genuine commitment toward a common goal.


They can deploy well-structured projects that coordinate and integrate team action. Leaders who hold people 

responsible for delivering results


ELI is an independently owned ‘descendant’ of Innovation Associates, the firm co-founded by three luminaries in the field of leading ‘sustained inspired performance’: Charlie Kiefer, David Peter Stroh, and Peter Senge. 

This body of work is explored in the internationally acclaimed books,: "The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization," 

"The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook," "The Dance of Change,” and more recently, “Presence”. 

The former was named by Harvard Business Review  “as one of the seminal management books of the previous 75 years.”

Along with Six Sigma/Lean, we base much of our approach on this work because of its depth of insight and a demonstrated track record of results.

Few competitors can claim this credibility.

What others say about us:

Carter and the ELI team provided a tremendous amount of guidance to our Board through what would have otherwise been a very difficult change-of-command.  He is both a superb listener and articulate, has a deep knowledge of best practices, and takes a common-sense approach to their application.  He produces results; we will use him again."
"To date, our revenue enhancement and cost savings are roughly 17 times that of our investment with you. You have helped me make my mark . . .”


"Mr. Carter’s ability to be frank and get to the heart of the matter has made our executive team millions of dollars." 


“I would recommend ELI to anyone — except our competitors”

"If there are recipes for personal success, ELI has one.  I have seen firsthand a dozen middle managers accelerate the advancement of their careers from their work."  
"Your preparation mattered.  Communication flowed appropriately and the end results were achieved.  I appreciate the time you spent trying to understand our structures and your flexibility while going through new systems and terms internally."
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